Sunday, November 16, 2014

November Gardening Calendar

November Gardening Calendar
Blow or rake fallen leaves from lawn areas. The leaves left on the lawn block the sunlight to your grass and will create bare spots. Don’t forget to compost the Cedar Compost Binleaves. Spray each layer with water. Need a composter? This month all Cedar Products are 30% off. Click To Order Your Handcrafted Cedar Composter.

Plant spring-flowering bulbs now and add bone meal to the planting hole. For more information on fall bulbs Click Here.

You can save your Elephant Ears, Dahlias, and Caladiums by digging them up now. Let the tubers dry out before storing for the winter. Store tubers in boxes layered with peat moss or vermiculite, then layer tubers on top of your choice of medium. Store boxes in a cool, dry place.

After the flowers have faded on Chrysanthemums and Asters prune to 4 inches.

Fill bird feeders with black oil sunflower seeds. Need a new bird feeder this fall season? Click To Order Your Bird Feeders.

Plant New Shrubs and Trees: Have you been thinking about replacing a few shrubs that just did not quite get established in the landscape, or planting a new shade or flowering tree that you just cannot live without in your landscape? Now, is the time to start thinking about making that purchase? The fall season is an excellent time to add new shrubs and trees to your landscape. This time of year will let your newly planted shrubs and trees get a head start by developing and establishing new root growth in the soil.

You still have time to plant your winter color such as: Chrysanthemums, Pansy, Viola, Snapdragons, Stock, Cyclamen, Dianthus, Sweet Alyssum, Flowering Cabbage and Kale provide winter color through the spring and should be still available at garden centers. For spring blooms plant Bluebonnet and Poppy seeds this fall. For more information on fall and winter annuals click here.

Holiday Plants that you kept last year need to be placed in a dark room during the evening hours for the plants to bloom this holiday season. I remember this gardening ritual when it is time to turn back our clocks; it is time to give my holiday plants total darkness until I see buds or bracts forming. Christmas Cactus and Poinsettias are night dependent plants for them to bloom; these plants need so many hours of darkness to bloom. The cooler weather also helps in the blooming process. If you purchased new holiday plants, try to place them in the coolest area of your home.
Have you ever tried forcing Paperwhites for the holidays and the stems and blooms became leggy? Here is a link to an article about what to do to prevent the legginess from occurring. Click Here To Read More:

House Plants that were brought indoors need a ¼ turn to prevent leaning towards the light. Turn your house plants weekly to prevent this. House plants do not need as much water during the winter months, water when the top one inch of the soil is dry. Hibiscus and More has a selection of plant stands. This month all plant stands and garden d├ęcor are 30% off. Click to order.

Cheryl Ann Meola
Certified Texas Nursery Professional #1282