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February Gardening Calendar

February Gardening Calendar
Trees and Shrubs can be planted now. This is the best time to plant Nut Trees, Fruit Trees, and Shade Trees. Applying SuperThrive instead of a root Butterfly Bush Copyright Cheryl Ann Meolastimulator will get your newly planted trees and shrubs established much faster. Prune Apple and Pear trees the first week in February, wait until mid-March for Peach trees. Remove stakes, trunk wraps, and guy wires from trees planted last fall. Prune back ¼ of the branches on Figs. Save the horizontal branches, they are the branches that produce fruit. Is your Burford Holly overgrown? Now is a good time to severely prune back. Burford Hollies can be prune back to 12 to 18 inches. Butterfly bushes can be pruned back by ½ the original height. You will be rewarded with bigger blooms this summer. Butterfly Bush image right. ©Cheryl Ann Meola 2012.
Gerber Daisy ©Cheryl Ann MeolaPerennials trim back all the brown, and if necessary, this month is a good time to divide all perennials. Gerber Daisy image left. ©Cheryl Ann Meola 2012.
Roses Prune back rose bushes to about 18 to 24 inches. The best time to prune is between February 12 – 20th. For more information on roses and rose care. Rose image right. ©Cheryl Ann Meola 2012. Rose ©Cheryl Ann Meola
Lawns apply a pre-emergent to your lawn to prevent dormant weed seeds from germinating during the growing season. Most pre-emergents last about 3 to 4 months.
Vegetables cool season veggies like lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, asparagus, elephant garlic, garlic, snow peas, and strawberries can still be planted. To get a head start on your spring garden start thinking about starting your spring vegetable garden from seeds now. Organically grown Lettuce image left. ©Cheryl Ann Meola 2012. Organically Lettuce Lettuce ©Cheryl Ann Meolagrown Tomatoes image right. ©Cheryl Ann Meola 2012. Tomatoes ©Cheryl Ann Meola
Ornamental Grasses can be pruned back to 12 inches. Liriope that is looking a little be draggled can be trimmed back, too. Pampas Grass image left. ©Cheryl Ann Meola 2012.
Houseplants water with a houseplant fertilizer and turn your plants a ½ turn every week. Bamboo Palm image right. ©Cheryl Ann Meola 2012.
Bamboo Palm
Pampas Grass Lettuce ©Cheryl Ann Meola
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Photography and digital images are ©Cheryl Ann Meola 2012. All Rights Reserved. All photographs and digital images displayed in this article are for viewing purposes only and cannot be duplicated ©Cheryl Ann Meola 2012. Texas Certified Nursery Professional #1282.
©Cheryl Ann Meola 2012.
Texas Certified Nursery Professional #1282

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