Friday, December 28, 2012

New Glass Bird Baths From Hibiscus and

Pink Lily Bird Bath
Dragonfly Bird Bath

Sunflower with Butterfly

Hibiscus and More is introducing new glass bird baths in a variety of nature themed styles. The nature themes include Dragonfly, Pink Lily, Poppy Flower, Sunflower with Butterfly, and Yellow Lily. Create and invite birds to frolic, bath, and drink to the garden with our nature themed glass bird baths with metal stand. Each glass bird bath features weather resistant metal 4-legged stand for added stability. The stand measures: 16 inches Tall x 9.5 inches wide, and the glass dish measures: 11.5 inches in diameter x 1.5 inches deep. The glass dish holds 2-3 quarts of water that is perfect for birds to take a drink or frolic in the water. To view and purchase Glass Bird Baths click here.

Poppy Bird Bath

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