Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hopper Bird Feeders 30% Off

Hibiscus And Offers WoodLink Going Green™ Recycled Bird Feeders Series is Constructed from up to 90% Recycled Plastics. The Going Green™ Series is Environmentally Friendly and are Designed for Easy Maintenance, Large Feed Capacities, and Attracting More Birds. Our Selection of Bird Feeders Features Tube Feeders, and Hopper Feeders. The new E-Z Clean Snap Out Base makes it easy to clean on the Going Green Thistle and Mixed Seed Feeders! Going Green™ Recycled Series is constructed from up to 90% Recycled Plastics and is Proudly Made in the USA. The Going Green™ Recycled Tube Feeders Feature: Recycled Plastic Tops, Recycled Polycarbonate Tubes, Recycled Metal Ports, and Recycled Plastic Bases. Click To Order.

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