Saturday, June 4, 2011

Velvet Leaf Vine - Philodendron micans For Sale

Velvet Leaf Vine – Philodendron micans. Small heart shaped, bronzy-green velvety leaves, with reddish undersides. Velvet Leaf Vine is one of my personal favorites because you can place this plant anywhere in your home. It can be used in hanging baskets or trailing down the sides of pots. Velvet Leaf Vine is one of the plants that remove indoor toxins and pollutants from your interior air. For best results to remove indoor pollution place two plants per room. Velvet Leaf Vine will come in a 3-inch pot and be fully rooted. The more plants you buy the less you will pay in shipping cost. If, you have any questions about the shipping cost please send me an email at: Due to the agricultural laws I can not ship plants overseas.

Click Here To Order Velvet Leaf Vine.

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