Friday, August 20, 2010

August Gardening Calendar

August Gardening Calendar

Prune Tropical Hibiscus you plan to bring indoors. Plan to place your plant in the sunniest window during the winter months. Trim back to fit your location indoors and place your Hibiscus inside around December or before first frost. After pruning check your Hibiscus for insects and spray with appropriate insecticide.

Remove faded blooms and seedpods on your Crepe Myrtles. You maybe rewarded with more blooms before first frost.

To stimulate new growth on your Roses fertilize with one tablespoon of 10-10-10 and with the upcoming cooler weather coming soon will bring fall blooms.

Trim back faded annuals and fertilize with a liquid plant food. In about two weeks you should be rewarded with more blooms to enjoy.

Lawn Mower Blades should be sharpened once each summer. A sharpened lawn mower blade prevents shredding the grass and giving your lawn a nice, clean cut.

Blackberry and Raspberry plants at this time of year have a tendency to trail along the ground. Take the trailing canes and tie them back to their arbor.

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Happy Gardening From Hibiscus and More.

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