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May Gardening Newsletter

May Gardening Newsletter

May Gardening Tasks:

Plant: Spring is one of the best times to search for trees, shrubs, and roses. Numerous species of flowering shrubs and trees are in bud or full bloom in your area, Southern Magnoliaand certain species of plants are only offered during the spring season. Now would be an excellent time to survey your garden to observe which plant(s) survived the extremely hard winter we had as gardeners. If, the plant(s) are not beginning to flush with new growth already they are not going to later. Now, is the time to think about replacing the plant(s) that did not survive the winter. Several gardeners here in Texas have informed me that they drove around their subdivision to survey what lived and died in their area before they decided which plant(s) to use for replacing in their existing garden. While other gardeners were expressing another option, in the Texas area are just taking out all the plants and starting an entire, newly designed garden.

Roses: Trim your spent roses back to the second or third leaf under the blossom. Pruning in this fashion will keep your rose bush nice and tidy Roseduring the growing season. Prune climbing roses after the spring bloom. Remove dead or non-productive canes. For more information on trimming, caring, and fertilizing your roses click on my blog.

Vegetable Gardening: Garden center retailers are still reporting skyrocketing sales for vegetable starts and seeds this year versus last year’s sales. Start planning and planting your vegetable garden now to reap the rewards of homegrown vegetables, if you are thinking about having a vegetable garden this year, today is the time to start. Vegetables can also, be planted in large containers or raised planter beds. Put on your gardening gloves and reap the rewards and benefits of a spring vegetable garden. Vegetables to Plant: Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, Beans,Eggplant Corn, Squash, and Cucumbers. Be on the lookout for loopers and worms on your vegetables and other plants in the landscape. You can use Bacillus thuringiensis a biological insecticide to control the pesky critters. For more information on vegetable gardening click on my blog.

Herbs: During the spring garden centers carry a large selection of herb plants. Herbs can be planted in the ground with your vegetable plants or can be planted in containers. Our Hexagon Cedar Planter in a 14-inch or a 17-inch makes an excellent container for growing your herb plants. Herbs to Plant: Parsley, Dill, Basil, Chives, Rosemary, and Oregano. Click Here to Purchase the Hand-Crafted Hexagon Cedar Planter.

Color Annuals: May is the month to start thinking about replacing your cool weather color annuals with spring and summer annuals. Here are a few of my favorites: Caladiums, Celosia, Coleus, Cosmos, Dahlberg Daisy, Dusty Miller, Gazania, Geranium, Gerbera Daisy, Ivy Geranium, Lantana, Marigolds, Mexican Sunflower, Moss Rose, Periwinkle, Petunia, Primrose, Purslane, Salvia, Snapdragons, Verbena, Wax Begonia, and Zinnia. Use Caladiums, Begonias, and Impatiens for your shady areas. All of the annuals mentioned can be planted in soil or in containers.

White Wing Caladium

Shrubs: Trim your spring flowering shrubs and vines after they finish blooming, and fertilize with the appropriate plant food.

Azaleas: Once your azaleas finish blooming trim back to shape. Azaleas bloom on last year’s growth so it is important to trim your Azaleas no later than the middle of June. Azalea’s set their buds during the fall months and this is one reason to trim your Azaleas during the time frame that is provided. After pruning your Azaleas you need to fertilize them with an Azalea plant food and also add a new layer of mulch. Instead of throwing your spent coffee or tea grounds away your Azaleas will benefit from sprinkling the grounds around your Azalea bushes, and any acid loving plant such as Ferns, Tropicals, Junipers, Boxwoods, Camellias, Rhododendrons, and Hollies.

Hibiscus Care: Time to Go Outdoors. Once the weather warms up in your area, to 40 - 50 degrees, you can start acclimatizing your Hibiscus by placing it in the shade outdoors and then slowly move the plant to partial shade and finally to full sun. With the unusual weather we have been experiencing this spring bring your prized Hibiscus plant back indoors if you get freeze warnings. Now would be a good time to fertilize and prune your Hibiscus. Follow the recommended fertilizer rates listed on the label. Pruning encourages a bushier plant. For more information on caring for your Hibiscus plant Click Here. For Hibiscus Fertilizer Click Here.

Hibiscus Plants: Tropical Hybrid Hibiscus Plants have arrived. This Year’s Selection Will Be An Assortment Of Double Flowering Hibiscus Plants In 4-inch Containers that are ready to transplant in a 10 to 12 inch container. Offering this season are: Hibiscus Double Peach/Apricot; Hibiscus Aurora; Hibiscus Mon Ami; Hibiscus Persimmon. Click Here To Purchase Your Hand-Crafted Cedar Planter. Can’t Find the Hibiscus Plant you are searching for, send me an email at: Cheryl@hibiscusandmore.com

Hibiscus Fertilizer: Click Here To Purchase Your Hibiscus Fertilizer That Is Especially Formulated For Hibiscus Plants.

Houseplants: April and May is the time to move your houseplants outdoors and place them in an area that is full shade. After a few weeks you can move them to an area that receives filtered shade, in other words, morning light, afternoon shade. This is also, the time to check for any bugs on your plant. Be sure to check Butterfly orchidunderneath the leaves, and if you see those pesky critters on your prized houseplants spray with an insecticidal soap or horticulture oil. If, you need to prune back your tropical foliage plant now would be a good time to do it. Philodendron micans – Velvet Leaf Vine is Back In Stock. New tropical foliage plants that just arrived are: Butterfly Orchid – Encyclia tampensis, Chinese Evergreen – Aglaonema brevispathum Hospitum, (This plant does extremely well in an office environment, even if your office does not have a window. Trust me I tested the plant myself.), Heart Leaf Philodendron – Philodendron scandens oxycardium. Click Here To Purchase Tropical Houseplants. Click Here To Read The Review of What Other People Are Saying!!! Are you searching for a special houseplant? Please send me an email at: Cheryl@hibiscusandmore.com I am always looking for new and exciting plants to grow. Tell me your favorite tropical plant.

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